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La Rose Le Baton Chronicles

Book II

479 pages

ISBN-13: 9780991184255


US $22.95

In the shadow of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom telecast in 1963 New Orleans, Louisiana, Lela Chevalier Roberts continues her recount of the Chevalier family history to her great-grandson with the life of her late husband, James Roberts in 19th Century Louisiana, who with the assistance of angels and heaven, escapes annihilation at the hand of his father. James flees the war-torn American South for France, where he finds refuge with his cousins Emmanuel and Jonathan. Yet, Mammon the Devil pursues him, destroying the new life he has created. Clawing his way out of the madness of Hell, the memory of an ancient love compels James to continue his journey. He returns to America at war’s end, finding himself faced with the true love he has dreamed of, Lela. Nevertheless, Mammon executes his greatest plot to destroy Lela’s and James’ love forever, jeopardizing the lineage and birth of the End Time King, Le Baton.

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