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Claudia Helena Ross, February 2021

I am a writer and senior executive assistant living in sunny San Diego. I’ve been writing since the 1990’s, jotting down ideals for stories. However, I didn’t become focused on my work until 2007 when I hammered out the first few books of La Rose, Le Baton Chronicles, publishing the first book of the series in 2013.

As a child, it wasn’t my dream to become a writer. I wanted to be an architect, and in fact, attended architecture school for three years. Once I faced the hard truth that I really didn’t want to be an architect and released it, writing found me. Here I am 30 years later, a publisher and a writer, having become the architect of worlds undreamed of. I have exhibited at Book Expo and Book Con (2017), presented at United California African

American Bookclubs' (UCAAB) 2018 Fall into Fiction conference, and was honored at San Diego Public Library's 52nd Annual Local Author Showcase. Looking back, I can see the unintentional path I unwittingly followed led me to to the purpose-filled life I enjoy today. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support! I hope to bring you compelling and thought-provoking stories for years to come.


Claudia Helena Ross Bookshelf
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